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A good article on the subject is available HERE

OWL and OWLiver Test

OWL propose a serum based NASH diagnosis using metabolomics. 

In 2006, an article published by 

Li, Z., Agellon, L.B., Allen, T.M., Umeda, M., Jewell, L., Mason, A. and Vance, D.E. (2006) The ratio of phosphatidylcholine to phosphatidylethanolamine influences membrane integrity and steatohepatitis. Cell Metab. 3, 321–331 CrossRef PubMed

described a key role for membrane integrity in the advance of NAFLD and the NAFLD PC/PE ratios dependence in the cells membrane’s lipids 

In a more récent article published in BIOCHIMICAL SOCIETY TRANSACTION by Ainara Cano and Cristina Alonso :

"Deciphering non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through metabolomics"

Ainara Cano*and Cristina Alonso*

*OWL, Parque Cientı ́fico y Tecnolo ́ gico de Bizkaia, Spain 

the authors explain the path using metabolomics to find out the metabolic fluxes that underlie membrane integrity in NAFLD.

OWL already propose the biomarker diagnosis  for NASH the OWLiver Test and will present it in the 2016 EASL meeting in Barcelona.

The previous vidéo are not endorsed by NASHBIOTECHS but cited as references provided by OWL on their website to present OWLiver Test technology 

During the EASL meeting in Barcelona in april 2016, OWL made three presentations on their tests available here !

GENFIT and its biomarkers technology

September the 15th 2015 GENFIT advertise that their method of diagnosis will be available simultaneously with the placing on the market ELAFIBRANOR.

At this time, we do not have a lot of technical informations on the GENFIT Biomarkers program but the poster they presented on the subject is full of informations


M30 Apoptosense® ELISA - A reliable non-invasive tool for the detection and screening of NASH

The M30 Apoptosense® ELISA measures the concentration of K18 fragments and is a specific and reliable tool for the detection and screening of NASH. Two recent meta-analyses demonstrated that levels of K18 fragments predict the presence of NASHwith a pooled AUROC of 0.82, 78 % sensitivity and 86 % specificity and AUROC of 0.8445, 83 % sensitivity and 71 % specificity, respectively.

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