The candidate’s list is long (available list), and only a few could succeed.

The most advanced in the race are not targeting the same segments of the NASH market and are not in frontal competition.

As investors want to bet on the huge NASH market but also want to reduce their risk, I selected a sub list of candidates that could succeed for different reasons:

OCALIVA (Intercept, ICPT), ELAFIBRANOR (Genfit, GNFTF), SELONSERTIB(Gilead, GILD), GR-MD-02 (Galectin, GALT), ARAMCHOL (Galmed, GMLD), EMRICASAN (Conatus, CNAT), MGL-3196 (Madrigal, MDGL).

- Three are targeting mainly advanced fibrosis; SELONSERTIB, GR-MD-02 and EMRICASAN.

- Four are targeting metabolic causes at different levels; ELAFIBRANORARAMCHOL, MGL-3196 and OCALIVA.

Respective values weight in the portfolio

The objective of this portfolio is, betting on the NASH future market, to optimize the benefit/risk ratio of my investment. In this portfolio, some drugs with potential were ignored for several reasons, mainly because their success would have only a small impact on the valuations of the big labs who own it, some others, like CENICRIVIROC, because the last published results are not encouraging, and for a small part, because of their high valuations and incertitude's on results.

Distribution in this conservative NASH portfolio

Genfit  35%  Low valuation, potential biggest profits

Galectin 20% Low valuation, potential lucrative part of small market segment

Galmed 15% Low valuation, bet on results

Gilead 10% Three drug candidates on NASH

Madrigal 10% High valuation, but encouraging potential

Intercept 5% Low valuation, potential first drug on market

Conatus 5% Low valuation, bet on results

WARNING This portfolio is a simulated one, Nashbiotech's author do not have all those values in his  portfolio to date.

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