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Rumor  allegued that "Genfit (GNFTF) could be a target for Novartis and discussions could be well advanced »

For month, GENFIT is still exploring licensing agreements or partnerships and is open to a sale if the offer is very generous, it was told months ago by the CEO himself.

In my opinion it is still too early for a deal but we are close to the best deal window.

What are the facts !

§  GENFIT own alone all the rights on Elafibranor until 2035 

§  Elafibranor is one of the two leaders in potential NASH treatment (with OCA)

§  Elafibranor is safe ( allowed in pediatric trial) 

§  Elafibranor can reach the market in 2019 through a subpart H agreement

§  Elafibranor is backed with the most advanced diagnosis biomarker program also owned by GENFIT

§  Elafibranor is Cardioprotector

§  Elfibranor is acting on insulino resistance

§  Elefibranor is the only drug which demonstrated a significant NASH reversion in a controlled trial.

§  A prospective article published in NATURE is giving  30% of the NASH Market to elafibranor by 2025.

§  Genfit's cash is enough to reach the Phase 3 intermediate results and the subpart H 

All is green, that is the truth !

On NASH Market , Elafibranor is the golden nugget, and all the big actors know it, but GENFIT know it also !!

A deal with NOVARTIS could have sense, Novartis is interested in NASH as GILEAD is and they have a lot of cash !!

But there is no hurry for GENFIT to make a deal !

The company value is very very low ( 1/5 of INTERCEPT value)

In my opinion, no deal should be concluded under 5 Billions and 10 billions is closer to the fair value. ( have a look on the market forecast to understand why)

So the value need a big recovery before a deal, 

Rumors are not always true !

But GENFIT is still a very good investment opportunity if you not a short term investor !


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