Drugs with 'Fast Track'  or 'Breakthrough therapy' status are supposed to benefit from subpart H !

Phases durations are arbitrary fixed to :

        Phase 2a : 4 months

        Phase 2b : 12 months

        Phase 3 complete : 36 months

        Phase 3 intermediate (if subpart H)  : 18 months

If the lab provides the exact duration of the phase, the provided value is used. 

Recruitment duration is evaluated regarding the time needed by the leaders to compete their recruitment.

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Positions of G.Divry on the biotech’s mentioned :

GENFIT : H1 2013  - to date:  Long

CONATUS :  to date: No Position

GALT : Jan 2018  - to date: Long

MDGL : to date : No Position

ICPT : to date : No Position